Out of the many fears that parents have for their children, kidnapping is at the top. When a child is kidnapped, their life is in immediate danger and every second counts. Unfortunately, during an attempted kidnapping, a child may only be able to rely upon their own abilities to escape their kidnapper’s clutches. Here, are the top anti-kidnapping defense moves that every child should know to protect themselves if an attempt every occurs.

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Both abduction and kidnapping are crimes that victimize children, and parents should be vigilant to avoid either possibility. However, while the two terms are similar in many ways, there is a key difference between the two, and it comes down to intent.

When someone kidnaps a child, the purpose is to get money or some other kind of perk. Hence, the child is being used as a bargaining tool, and that is the abductor’s only interest in the victim. With an abduction, the perpetrator is interested in Read the rest of this entry »

Abductions and kidnappings happen everyday around the world. Knowing how to prevent an abduction and how to keep yourself from becoming a target is essential to stay protected and safe regardless of your age and where you are located.

Inform Others of Your Whereabouts

Keeping in touch with family and friends throughout the day allows them to know where you are whether you are working or at home. If you are planning a trip to another city or state on your own, inform a close confidant of your whereabouts at all times. Read the rest of this entry »

What’s the Best Way to Report a Kidnapping?

How To Report A Kidnapping
There are a number of steps that every person should follow in the event of kidnapping situation. First, you should remain calm and observe the scene. Second, you should immediately dial 911. Third, you should clearly describe as much information as you possibly can to the emergency dispatcher. This includes describing the person who is kidnapped as well as the location, vehicle’s license plate and perpetrator’s description. Fourth, it is very important that you Read the rest of this entry »

Being kidnapped or abducted is always something that nobody thinks is going to happen to them. However, the fact is that being prepared in the event of an attempted kidnapping or abduction can mean the difference between life and death. For this reason alone, adt home security history, it is a good idea for everybody–not just women and children–to have some tips in mind that can help them to survive an abduction. This brief article will outline some basic tips that could end up helping you save your life.

For starters, upon being attempted to be abducted, resist as much as possible so long as the suspect does not clearly have a weapon. Kick and scream to make as much noise as possible, as this could get witnesses to come into the area and scare the criminal away. If you are riding on a bike and somebody tries to grab you, do your best not to let go of the bike; after all, it is difficult and downright impossible in some vehicles to fit a bike inside.

If you are abducted, the best thing to do is to follow the criminal’s demands as much as reasonably possible, but to make every effort to call for help in the meantime.